I'm fighting a curse five years ago

14.10.19 16:42

الجنس : ذكر

معاينة صفحة البيانات الشخصي للعضو

Good evening professor, my name is hachem El turk, I am from Lebanon, I am writing in English because I heard that you barely speak Arabic. My problems are :
1- obsession
2- sadness
3- bad luck in all domains girls, work...
4- misfortune
5- continuous attempts to hurt me physically
6- whistling in ears
7- weak memory
8- coldness in lower legs
9- laziness and fatigue
10- stress on my head
11- cracking noises coming from windows and walls
And much more, It is like the curse wants me to do nothing in my life, to die or to go crazy, the worst thing has been done on me, it has been five years that I am suffering from this status, I went once to a magician, he gave me papers to drink, papers to wash with, papers to fire and papers to hold on me, for a week I felt like I was in coma and I woke up, everything went well for a week, after a week i woke up with a horrible pain in my upper back and everything has returned like before the treatment.
Sir, do you have a solution for my status and what is the cost please,
Thank you for your time
هل ترغب بالتعليق على الموضوع؟ سجل دخولك الآن إن كنت تملك حسابا على موقعنا. إن كانت هذه أول زيارة، فقم بإنشاء حساب جديد لنشر تعليقاتك واستفساراتك.